Warranty and Return

Warranty and Return

1. Satisfaction Guarantee

We're committed to providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products to help you get the right gear you need to achieve your goals. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, simply return it in accordance with this policy to receive a refund from Showme Fur. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Showme Fur reserves the right to refuse to accept returns of defective or damaged merchandise.

We are very sorry, but we do not accept returns for orders made in custom styles, colors or sizes.

2. Return

• It is your responsibility to carefully inspect the product upon receipt. If the product is damaged, you have the right to reject it.

• We will not deny returns just because you have opened the packaging, however, you should adhere to the return criteria described below, including retaining and returning the opened packaging.

• All refunds will be made through the original payment path.

• After we receive your return and required information, it can take up to 7 days to process the refund.

• Online promotional discounts apply and are credited to all eligible purchases you make. If you return part of the product, you will lose part of the discount amount.

• If you need to return a gift, please contact our online customer service.

• Need help with returns? Please contact our online customer service.

3. Exchange

Need help finding a new size, color or product? It is recommended that you place a new order to replace the item. Our stock changes from time to time and some sizes and colors may be sold out.

• To exchange an item, first return the item as described in the Returns section above, and follow the Return Process below. Then order online in your desired color and size and use any discounts/points that have previously applied. New orders are treated as separate transactions, so please provide your payment information.

4. Gifts

• Need to return a gift? Please contact customer service center [annie@showmefur.com].

5. Return Standard

return policy

a When you receive the goods, if you find any quality problem, please contact us within one week and send it back.

b More than 7 days can not be returned.

2.1 Return

a) Where after receiving the product, it is found that there is a wrong color, wrong style, wrong size, partial damage or open thread.

b) If the repairs are invalid twice within the first month, a depreciation fee of 0.5% of the original price per day may be charged as appropriate to return the product.

c) Any new product that has not been worn has quality problems.

2.2 Replacement

a) Where the glued shoes are opened in the first time (the junction of the upper and the bottom falls off or the length of the spring is 2cm and the depth is more than 1cm).

b) For quality problems that are "repaired by warranty", if the two repairs are invalid within the first month, they will be replaced, or a one-time compensation and repair will be given with the consent of the consumer.

2.3 Warranty

(1) wrong size; (2) wrong style;

3. Implementation of "Three Guarantees":

3.1 Any artificially damaged products such as foreign products, processed products or improper wear and maintenance by consumers (such as: wearing in rainy days, washing with water, touching acid, alkali, oil, touching hard objects and cosmetics, etc.) do not belong to the scope of "Three Guarantees".

3.2 The "Three Guarantees" vouchers are purchase vouchers or invoices.

3.3 Each order should be accompanied by a copy of fur wearing and maintenance knowledge, consumer guide, and express the wearing requirements of special leather types.

c Returns will not be accepted in the following cases:

*Items that have been washed, worn or damaged by your own personal reasons

*Lack of the original label and tag of the product

*Lack of free gifts, accessories that come with the product

*Missing items or gifts that came with the order

*Exceeded deadline for return request

*The mall only handles returns of mall orders, not goods from other sources

d Other notes:

*Items must be returned in the same condition as when they were purchased

*Please return it at the same time, if it contains an invoice, please return it together with the product

*Partial returns are not accepted for set items

*After your return application is approved, please contact customer service to submit your real and effective return courier information in time, so as not to affect the timeliness of your return processing

Return Process

a Please log in to your Showme Fur official store account

b Click My Account, find the My Order page, and select the order you want to return, click Return Application and check the item you want to return, and fill in the reason, type and necessary pictures for the return.

c The mall will notify the final result by email within 48 hours on working days. If you have any questions, please contact the online customer service. If the approval is approved, the email will inform you of the return address. Each item contains the order details and needs to be sent back to the corresponding return address, and contact customer service to submit your real and effective return courier information in a timely manner, so as not to affect your return processing timeliness

d We will arrange a refund for you within 7 days of receiving your returned goods

e For online payment orders, we will refund to the original payment method;

e  We aim to offer services that will benefit all of our loyal customers. All of our other worldwide customers can return to our warehouse. Please always Contact Us .

1. All shipping fees are at the customers expense. This includes shipping fees for a return or exchange. Shipping fees are non-refundable.

2. Please contact your local post office to confirm the actual return shipping fee. We recommend you use the cheapest registered airmail method that is available.

Showme Fur reserves the right to update or change the return policy from time to time.